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Road construction textiles

Road construction textiles

Market Construction

Temac road textiles are designed for use in a wide range of environments, including harsh environments. Temac textiles are used for road construction in permafrost conditions, as well as for lining the inner surface of nuclear reactors.

We supplied textiles for federal infrastructure projects:

  • construction of federal highways;
  • reconstruction of the Baikonur cosmodrome.

Manufacturing facilities

  • Information VZTM was established in 2011.
    Activity industrial, construction, road textiles
    Products geotextiles, cushioning nets, windproof membranes, facade nets, padding, fabrics, cords (based on graphite, kevlar, glass, ceramics, basalt, carbon)
    Sales department
    404103, Volgograd oblast, Volzhsky, 7th Avtodoroga st., 27
    +7 (844) 321-14-46
  • TEMAC a. s.
    Information Temac a. s. (Czech Republic) is the first factory of the Temac industrial group, It was founded in 1917 in the Czech Republic and has been producing sealing materials for over 100 years.
    Activity industrial, construction, road textiles
    Products non-asbestos sealing sheets, soft punching gaskets, non-asbestos gland packing, sealing cords, industrial textiles, gaskets for cylinder head and exhaust systems, metal stampings (radiator elements)
    Sales department
    289 13 Zvěřínek, Nymburská 53, Czech Republic

    +420 325 550 195
    +420 325 550 268
    +420 325 550 172
    fax: +420 325 550 103

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