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Polypropylene storage containers

Polypropylene storage containers

Market Industry | Consumer market

Large containers for industrial needs. It is used for storage and filling of bulk industrial ingredients, raw materials and other goods. The increased safety margin allows you to reuse packing and store corrosive substances.

In addition to standard models, we are able to produce packing according to your request:

  • for storage in narrow spaces;
  • with the dimensions you need;
  • in accordance with technical features of your production.

Manufacturing facilities

  • Ural ATI
    Information Ural ATI was established in 1942.
    Company’s staff is 600.
    Activity brake, friction and sealing materials
    Products paronite, asbestos and asbestos-free fabrics, polypropylene bags, brake bands, thermal-insulation fabrics
    Sales department
    119071, Moscow, Leninsky av., 15A
    +7 (495) 123-30-00

    624261, Sverdlovsk oblast, Asbest, Plekhanova st., 64
    +7 (343) 656-56-16

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