Masonry mesh

Masonry mesh

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Temac factories produce basalt-based masonry mesh. It is a modern alternative to steel wire mesh.

Basalt mesh advantages:

  • Resistant to harsh environments, including alkaline ones.
  • Lighter up to 7‑8 times than steel mesh.
  • Thermal conductivity is 100 times less.
  • Does not corrode.

Temac masonry mesh complies with Building Codes and Regulations.

Manufacturing facilities

  • Information VZTM was established in 2011.
    Activity industrial, construction, road textiles
    Products geotextiles, cushioning nets, windproof membranes, facade nets, padding, fabrics, cords (based on graphite, kevlar, glass, ceramics, basalt, carbon)
    Sales department
    404103, Volgograd oblast, Volzhsky, 7th Avtodoroga st., 27
    +7 (844) 321-14-46

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