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Repair kits for brake pads

Repair kits for brake pads

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We produce brake pads for the assembly lines of the largest automotive brands in Russia and abroad. In addition to supplying directly to automotive factories, we manufacture branded pads repair kits for the aftermarket. These are the same original parts as those installed in new cars.

Manufacturing facilities

  • Ural ATI
    Information Ural ATI was established in 1942.
    Company’s staff is 600.
    Activity brake, friction and sealing materials
    Products paronite, asbestos and asbestos-free fabrics, polypropylene bags, brake bands, thermal-insulation fabrics
    Sales department
    119071, Moscow, Leninsky av., 15A
    +7 (495) 123-30-00

    624261, Sverdlovsk oblast, Asbest, Plekhanova st., 64
    +7 (343) 656-56-16
    Information VATI-AVTO was established in 1958.
    Activity brake, friction and sealing materials
    Products friction materials for cars and trucks (pads, clutch discs), plastic products, thermal-insulation fire-resistant textiles, sealing materials (asbestos, asbestos-free)
    Sales department
    404103, Volgograd oblast, Volzhsky, Alexandrova st., 69A
    +7 (844) 321-16-82
  • Information ZTM was established in 2007.
    Activity brake pads and mechanisms
    Products brake pads, drums and discs, brake pad repair kits, brake linings, disc pads, energy accumulators, brake clearance adjusters, leaf springs
    Sales department
    423800, Tatarstan Republic, Naberezhnye Chelny, Motornaya st., 34
    +7 (855) 225-38-88