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Manifold gaskets

Manifold gaskets

Market Transport | Consumer market

Temac factories produce a number of gaskets for assembly lines of largest automotive enterprises in Russia and abroad, including manifold gaskets. Our factories produce gaskets in accordance with the requirements of the international industry standard IATF 16949 for the automotive industry. In addition to standard models, we can develop and produce gaskets of specified dimensions and properties in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Manufacturing facilities

    Information VATI-AVTO was established in 1958.
    Activity brake, friction and sealing materials
    Products friction materials for cars and trucks (pads, clutch discs), plastic products, thermal-insulation fire-resistant textiles, sealing materials (asbestos, asbestos-free)
    Sales department
    404103, Volgograd oblast, Volzhsky, Alexandrova st., 69A
    +7 (844) 321-16-82